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Hi there! I'm Jess, a professional and freelance editor, writer, and web developer. I hold a Master of Arts in Publishing and Writing, have a decade of experience in copy editing and proofreading, and aspire to be a published author. My job as the managing editor at Barton Associates and Clinician1 keeps me plenty busy, but I am currently booking select freelance projects.

"The most ferocious proofreader I know."

—Jennifer Barber,
Author and Editor

"Jess Huckins provided me with excellent, thorough analysis of my writing. Her thoughtful contributions to both my narrative and the structural integrity of my work improved it beyond all expectations."

—Dillon St. Jean, Author

"I may write the words, but Jess makes them shine.
My books wouldn't be the same without her touch!"

—Jacquelyn Ayres, Author

"She succeeded in a short period of time at a very reasonable cost.
She was very professional, attentive, and understanding to my needs and many changes."

—Ted Karr, Small Business Owner

Words are my passion, and my goal is to help make your product — book, article, website, whatever — the best possible version of itself.


A little bit of my prose, a flash-fiction story entitled "Green and Orange," is forthcoming from Centum Press in the One Hundred Voices anthology! Stay tuned for publication and purchasing details.

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Although patient satisfaction has always been important in healthcare, it wasn't until April 2011 — when a reward system tied to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was announced — that hospitals began treating it as a focal point for enhanced reimbursement incentives.

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