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Freelance Services and Rates

I am honored that you're considering me as your editor, writer, or web developer!

Please note that I choose my projects carefully because of time limitations. To inquire about my availability for large project (full manuscript edit, articles or guest blog posts, website build, etc.), please send the information requested on my Contact page.

Contracted Options*

These projects require a signed contract before I begin work (with the exception of a test edit, explained below, which you may inquire about via email). I will provide a custom quote for each project, and prices are all flexible and negotiable. Let me know what you need — I'll design an option for you.

Editing and Proofreading

I edit all genres of fiction, except picture books. The genres I work with most often are fantasy, romance and erotic romance, science fiction, literary/mainstream fiction, and young adult. I also edit and critique novellas, short stories, articles, poems (or books of poetry), blog posts, website pages, essays, résumés and cover letters, and more.

Before we sign an agreement for me to edit your entire manuscript, I am happy to do a test edit, where I review a small sample of your work for free. This way, we have the chance to get to know each other. You can look over my edits and see if you want to proceed with the entire book, and I can decline your project if I so choose.

There are several levels available; I will send my recommendation along with your quote. They include:

  • Proofreading: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, missing and extra words, and syntax
  • Copy Editing: The above, plus fact-checking, point of view, sentence structure, and voice
  • Line Editing: The above, plus pacing, consistency, continuity, and transitions
  • Substantive Editing: The above, plus overall feel, plot credibility and believability, and character development

My goal is to help you become a better writer. I’ll mark every change, explain my reasoning, and give you a list of technical and stylistic touchpoints to reference as you move forward with revisions and future books.

Writing: Articles, Guest Blogs, and Reviews

I generally write on the topics of health care, editing, publishing, marketing, food, lifestyle, and entertaining. All of my music reviews are arranged through Indie Band Guru.

I am happy to consider and research articles on other topics — just send me an email. (Visit my portfolio for samples.)

Website Development

I will code your website with HTML and CSS, providing mockups to ensure we’re on the same page. Search engine optimization is available as an add-on option. (Visit my portfolio for samples.)

Note: I am not a graphic designer, so I do occasionally outsource some web design work.

Quick Options

These services do not require a contract. You may order them using the Paypal form below, and I'll get back to you with my expected delivery date within two business days.

Query Letter Critiques: Do you want an insider’s perspective before you begin submitting to agents? Send me your best query effort in the body of an email. A single-pass evaluation is free. I'll check your revised letter (i.e. two passes) for $20.

Submission Package Reviews: Send your query, synopsis, and the first ten pages of your manuscript for a detailed evaluation. Add another $10 if you’d like me to check your revisions.

Digital Consulting Sessions: If you have in-depth questions, want to brainstorm, or would like my opinion on your product or service, please book a digital consulting session. These can be done via email, over the phone, or via a 30-minute Google Hangout or Skype conversation.

Editing Services Options

*Fine Print for Contracted Options

  • Prices will vary because projects vary. I will use your writing sample to provide you with a free customized quote.
  • All quotes are calculated using double-spaced pages with 12-point Times New Roman. A standard manuscript page is 250 words.
  • Editing rates include one pass and a look at any revisions you make after you go through that pass. If more edits are needed, we'll discuss an additional fee.
  • Web design and development rates include up to three site revisions. After that, we'll chat.
  • A signed contract and nonrefundable 25% down payment (based on the quoted price) are due before any work begins.
  • The total project balance is due within 30 days from the invoice date.
  • I like Paypal. But, ultimately, I like getting paid more, so I also accept cashier's checks and bank checks.
  • For manuscripts of over 80,000 words, I request a four- to six-week lead time. I can often accomplish shorter projects much faster.
  • A 20% rush fee will apply to rush projects (details will be covered in contract).
  • Contract sample available upon request.